Friday, May 30, 2008

at last...

at last the arts commission grant is done.

I got down to kumed about 830 this morning.
I had to turn in my timesheet and make a few
corrections to the grant.

I spent the remainder of the morning at the RDA
with mikey. we looked over the grant; as did Wendy.
She noticed a few points to change. And I vowed to
correct, bind, and mail it off today. I was going to ride
it down to topeka; it will always be my belief that there is
no better connection than the face to face...
...but as always there is never enough

so...wish us luck.
have a good weekend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

June 1st event

If you are able...Sunday June 1st...1-4pm...come out to 42nd and Mission Rd. We will plant flowers, shrubs, and...what else mikey?
ah,...I kid mikey.
The sky shined something sweet by the afternoon on saturday so chris padgett, a young adult I know from my public library, went out to the 42nd Street lot to paint the sign to prompt attention to the coming mural.

Chris Padgett just graduated from high school, just turned 18 years old, and just at this very moment stepped up to the desk here at the library. ;-)

He is a tremendously talented young man--he worked on the intellectual freedom mural here at the library and created 3 original t-shirts for the fashion show last month. He's also very important to me in respects to him simply being him.

I will post pictures above.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I woke up to a steady rain fall and a text from mikey. it read: It's rainy. should we postpone?

we did.

mikey re-scheduled the event for Sunday June 1st; in the afternoon.

I will resend information via email on tuesday.

I am off to a much desired break; have a good holiday weekend.
friday we made preperations for join hands day.
we took a trip to lowes.
brian finished mowing.
mikey created the design for the plants, flowers and shrubs.
my step-father adrian came down and sawed down
some trees and set up his generator for mikey's till.
we also picked up some trash.

the overcasted gray sky loomed above and we wondered
& hoped the rain would stay away.

prep for "join hands day"

my dear friend brian longfellow cutting the grass above. my stepfather and mikey working out the generator below.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sometimes it only takes a moment...

i just read an email from mikey, here's a part of it:

Hi Angel~ So I was out disc golfing and met your friend Brian. He was cutting the grass and said he will come back tommorow to finish it up. I was looking at the area around the sign and came up with a kind of neat idea for the landscaping. Think butterfly~~~

what I find most endearing about both mikey and brian resides in this very moment.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

with mikey at "ze' lake" I was able to sit at his computer and work on finalizing the Arts Commission grant.

there's a buzz here at the RDA...the recycle buzz mostly. The door opens, chimes, and Linda goes to work explaining the new program to interested residents.

I enjoy the bustle, as do I enjoy re-reading the fortune cookie taped to mikey's monitor:
'Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century'.

yeah. lets ;-)

I added a link to information on Joe Faus, our muralist, to the side panel.

I also added pertinent demographic information to the grant app... you may be interested in the info:

Rosedale is a community in Kansas City, Kansas. We are a lower income ethnically diverse community in the urban core. Our overall education level is low and the population is fairly transient in nature due to high levels of rental property. KU medical Center along with 400 area business sits within Rosedale. 22.5% of youth 18-24 years of age have not completed high school or earned a GED. Our middle school population is 53% Hispanic, 21% African American, 21% Caucasian and 5% Asian. 85% of students are on free or reduced cost meals. Our median household income was $28,573 in the 2000 U.S Census.

I love the idea: ethnically diverse. such beauty in that idea, yes?
what I wish most? To get more people from KUMC aware of the mentoring opportunties available in this community. What's the Dean's hope? 8 hours of community service in 2008.
Rosedale awaits you.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

keep your fingers crossed

no word from the pending grant. results were supposed to come out today,
but it seems as if it may be a bit. I looked at the awards from last winter and grants
were issued over a two week span. so, keep your fingers crossed. mikey confirmed with
Dwight, who is our connection to Thrivent Financial, that we would do thrivent day aka
join hands day on May 24th. It looks like the am is a better fit for his organization so we will
do it from 9-12noon.

ah, yes, I know what I said...;-) we can still have such an adventure later in the evening.
but I will have to break away and work at Central from 1230-5pm.

mikey and I will shop for plants and such late next week and likely prep the lot on
friday the 23rd--ie. chop down trees & prime a bit.

remember....keep your fingers crossed regarding the grant. ;-)

& hey, mikey--congrats on graduation!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

windy pictures

Home Depot and Me

I picked up 10 gallons of primer today from Home Depot. This purchase was donated by the Spanish Round Table Group, thanks to the recommendation of Amanda Myers.

Amanda is a student in Public Health as well as Medicine at KUMC.

remember her name... for from what I've seen, she's a mover and a shaker ;-)...more great things will certainly come from her.

oh, & Home Depot is a big place...several very nice gentleman helped me find primer, shake primer, and load primer into my trunk.

Monday, May 12, 2008

field trip

mikey and I met today at the RDA and quickly decided to take a field trip out to the mural's location.

we needed to figure out how we wanted to 'rock' the thrivent day event and figured inspiration could only come from being in the actual environment.

like many times before, standing on the lot at 42nd and Mission, I was amazed by it's vast size.

we discovered trash that needed to be removed, trees that needed to be cut down and removed, large holes of water that need to be filled... and most importantly: a water source.

we've always known we would have to spray down the wall prior to any primer or paint application and have fretted over where we would get water from....

voula' there is a water hydrant...or is it a fire hydrant?
;-) it's one of those, yes?

we took pictures, walked through the over grown high cricket chirping grass, much to my dismay ;-), and chatted about the upcoming event on May 24th.

We've pretty much decided on removing the trash and trees; mowing the grass, filling the holes, priming the wall, planting flowers--trees, and creating a mini art piece on a sign that sits at the forefront of the lot. This mini art piece will display future spot of The 42nd YouthMural Project. On the back of the sign we hope to list the names of every single person that has contributed to this project.

We will need to get certain things approved via the property owner and with Wendy, but Thrivent Day is seemingly planned!

We will need volunteers... so email me if you're interested. It will likely be in the afternoon, and we are hoping to pull in 5th graders from Frank Rushton, a group mikey and joel work with, to help with the landscaping. I will publish more information about the Thrivent Grant that helped fund this particular event once I have the precise details from Mikey.

Ya' know, I read an article several months ago about ascetics and community pride: Civic pride is often associated with the aesthetic and visual qualities of a community — qualities that make a community unique among its neighbors and special to its residents.

I do believe our efforts on May 24th will reside within this very regard.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I heard back from Amanda today.
Looks like $140 for supplies!
I'm thinking we will certainly apply
it to things we will need on May 24th.

I will link the organization that she is
involved with on the side panel.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

trying to keep it all together

April's showers are supposed to bring May's flowers...yes? but May has only really brought deadlines for me... a never ending headache really, not to mention I feel a cold coming on---the infamous sore throat~ da da da da ;-), and my right leg is painfully numb. I'm drinking more water than I ever hope of some change in both regards... And then there is the semester, which is just about over; I am trying desperately to wrap up several school projects...

but this, friends, is neither here nor there, is it? keep me focused! ;-)

In terms of mural progress:

Mikey sent me an email early in the week about a new grant opportunity.

We need to finalize and submit the grant to the Kansas Arts Commission.

I spoke briefly with Terry Hansen, co-president of LMMSA, about his organizations donation and also a potential donation from a group called Spanish Round Table here at KUmed. I believe they are med-students who are spanish speaking and meet as a venue of communication~ communication geared mostly towards the medical lingo, etc'. I have emailed the contact person, Amanda Myers, and I look forward to the potential donation. Looks like they would like to purchase products for us...which I'm thinking we can tie into Thrivant Day on the 24th...


Mostly, Mikey and I need to get back in to Rosedale Middle School & figure out our plan for Thrivant Day.

I will post this weekend after I finish up school stuff...

with a sore throat & a very heavy heart, I wish you each a good weekend...

to mr. fletcher and his bride--happy graduation!
to mr. and mrs. sime congrats on the little one~place a kiss on his cheek from me! I must say, I miss you already, kelly~ warm thoughts.

Friday, May 2, 2008

pictures from the read in

back to school

I arrived at Rosedale Middle School today at about 920am. There were at least 25 community members in the library awaiting their placement in a classroom. We were each given 30 minutes in two seperate classes. I brought Zen Shorts, The Collected Poems of Nikki Giovanni, and elementia--the young adult literary magazine I edit at JOCO library.

Mikey, Wendy, and Joel from the RDA were there. Mr. Joe Faus, our muralist, was there...
as were Anne, Lynn, and Julie from Dykes Library.

Now, due to Mikey, distracting me, first, with his overgrown beard and then,second, with stories of sharks in thailand ;-) I missed the 1st classroom session.

yes! that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)

Have I told you that Mikey is born two days before me; same year! yeah, distraction occurs. ;-)

But anyway, I did manage to make my way down the long hallway to Mr.Corrick's classroom for the second session. I peered into the door's window and immediatlely recognized one young man from tutoring.

There were about 15 students in the classroom and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I always do when reading and sharing poetry with young people, I had them read some of it outloud. The coolest thing was when a young man read a poem published in elementia that was written by a young girl. He knew her, was excited that she was in elementia, and read her very "girl" powered poem outloud.

They also seemed to really like Zen Shorts. They wanted to change Stillwater's name to Montario so, I changed it. They seemed tickled by my willingnes to do so.

At the very end, I did a few impromptu book talks on "Road of the Dead" by Kevin Brooks and "Black and White" by Paul Valoponi.

Two particular girls showed real interest in submitting to elementia, and I have set it up with the principal to return sometime next week with submission forms. Luckily, I'd dropped off 10 or so copies of elementia with their librarian earlier that morning.

I then got to walk the halls during the "in between" class stage. It was interesting & loud. I ran into another young man from tutoring and he had all his friend take a peek at my chuck taylors. chuck taylors are very important you see, and he said to his friends, now, if only we can get her to buy a pair of cortezs'. ;-) This young man is very witty and is always a bit difficult to contain at tutoring. Last time I worked with him, I found him a book on low riders. He seemd dis-interested at the time, but a social welfare student informed me today that he'd mentioned that book several times since that encounter. That made me smile; it really did.

Before leaving, Mikey and I paid a quick visit to the art teacher's classroom and she gave us the names of at least 10 or so potential kids to include in the mural this summer. We will hopefully go back next week to meet with the group.

"Thrivant Day" is May 24th. We will clean up/ beautify as much as we can at the mural location. If you'd like to help out, come on with it! email me. I will have more specific information on that soon and will certainly post.

have a good weekend; it's may, time for flowers.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

rosedale read in

I dropped off a second box of books at Rosedale Middle School today. Carrie McDonald, from KCMO public, once again came to my aid and donated several boxes of YA books. I contacted her on behalf of HillTop--a facility for youth in Kansas City Missouri. I will take the majority of the donation to them but figured with the news of Rosedale's Read In she wouldn't mind me pushing some of the donation into Rosedale Middle School.

Let me just say, KCMO public library has a fantastic array of books...& up to date books at that.

Tamar, Road of the Dead, The Uglies, Speak, Burned. These titles fly off the shelves at any given library and because of Carrie I am able to put those books in the hands of young adults.

She's a fierce; fierce lady. If you are in the KCMO area and are ever in need of books; she's a true resource.

So now to Rosedale Middle School.

They are having a read in tomorrow-- an effort of the ku social welfare students that serve and interact with the students. They have asked that community members come out and read in class rooms tomorrow. Each teen will also receive a free book. I think they will also have local illustrators there to talk about the arts and such.

I attempted to use my magic librarian wand, yes, I have one! ;-) to persuade shane evans to come out, but he was booked. ah, can you believe that! ;-) shane is a superstar, so it wasn't a surprise. you know who he is? He's an amazing illustrator, artist, writer, extraordinaire; I will link his website. check him out.

Mikey and I plan on sitting down before the read in to fine tune some mural details. We hope to touch base with some artistic kids that would be interested in participating.

Our first event on the property is coming up....Thrivant Day at the end of May. I will have more information on that after tomorrow.

happy thunderstorms!