Tuesday, October 28, 2008

it's the fall. the unfallen apple holds its' brightness a little longer into the blue air. holds the idea. it can be brighter.

fall has arrived, eh? yes indeed.

I've found myself once again inudated with 'things to do'... 'things to prepare for'... and 'things to get done'. I apologize for my absence.

the first stage of the 42nd mural project is just about done. holly will work a bit more on the pillars... she will soften the red and blue hue so as to steer clear of any 'gang' association.

Mikey and I went to the School Board meeting two weeks ago and talked to them briefly about the project. 3 minutes is all we got. ;-)

Joe will venture into Rosedale Middle School at the first of the month to work with the
8th grade art students.

We still need to find funding. 'still' may always be the adverb to reckon with...
we will simply let it be our motivator, eh?

I will write an update on the mural project for the RDA this next month... mostly to say...

hold on to the idea...