Monday, September 22, 2008

today is autumn...

and sweet september always tells a good story...

before I tell you about my day, I must mention a musical I saw over the weekend.

my very kind scientist took me to see clay on friday. clay is a one man act that revolves in...resonates about...relishes on... the intensity and importance of hip hop as the voice of, often times, the forgotten. check it out if you find time.

On to today,...
mondays are my long days; I teach creative writing at Cristo Rey at 830am and then I have to be back at the library by noonish to work an 8 hour shift...

;-). anyone who knows me knows this is good for me... quite outside my normal box, eh? ah, yeah.

In between teaching at Cristo Rey and heading back to the library I met with Mikey and Connie, the principle at Rosedale Middle School. Mikey wanted to get her all caught up on the mural's progression as well as chat about the future.

She is going to hook us up with a particular contact within the school system that handles art initiatives in respects to finding additional funding.

Joe Faus, begins his work with the 8th graders at Rosedale Middle School in mid October. Amazingly he has agreed to working without any real secure sense of funding. bless him, eh?


Mikey is also no longer a paid staff member at the RDA, so his work on this project is now on a volunteer basis. bless him, eh?


As I stood in the middle school today, listening to mikey chat with a young lady I didn't quite know, I allowed my mind to wander a bit...venturing my eyes around the room: I gazed out the window...up at the ceiling...and then across to a bulletin board where I found an interesting quote about planting seeds and watching them grow... it makes me wonder are ideas more about the roots or what is sowed?

aren't the metaphors in life divine? ;0)


Mikey and I will present a mini description of the mural's history and hopes at the upcoming board meeting. Mikey posted the date for that meeting below...if you can come to the Middle School that night come lend your support.

have a good week.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry I am late getting this put up:::
USD 500 School Board Meeting at Rosedale Middle School 5:00 on Oct. 14
3600 Springfield.
We are hoping to pack the place to show the school board that this community means business! We are not going to sit by and watch our children fall away to drugs, crime, and riff raff. We are her to support our children, give them positives and watch them take care of us in 50 years!

So, come on out to this thing.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

fall has arrived...

fall has arrived...
and rainy days are a constant on the horizon.

After work yesterday, I ventured down to the Leedy Gallery to meet with
Mikey, Joe, Holly, and Kara (Rosedale Middle School~Art Teacher).

What we came up with was a start schedule for Joe to begin working with Kara's Art Students.

Interestingly, Rosedale divides Kara's classes by gender. Her eighth grade art students~this semester~are all girls, and she figures in January it will shift to all boy classes.


None-the-less Joe will start in mid october and visit her class each thursday and friday.

The will work together in respects to sketching and thematic ideas throughout the semester.

While Joe and Kara are doing that, Mikey and I will focus on securing funding.

The ultimate hope: if this year's initiative is fruitful... the district will put some money behind it.

cross your fingers; dot your heart.


ps. there is a school board meeting at Rosedale Middle School next month, Mikey is hoping to get as many people there as possible...(mikey~will you put the date here on the blog?)

Monday, September 1, 2008